We are grateful to the designers of this website and the technical staff that administers and maintains it. Our objective is to clarify for you the many misunderstandings that all of us develop by way of misinformation and disinformation. Thus, we publish articles on sensitive topics that affect our past, present, most definitely our future as we understand that our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits are fragmented by years of neglect by us and abuse by others

We are looking for volunteers to help us translate the articles that we publish. Unfortunately, the staff that is assisting Sister Dona on a voluntary basis is not fluent in French. If you are interested in helping those that are helping others by volunteering, please click on the link to contact Sister Dona and find in the list "Volunteer General" to send us an email; you may also click here to contact us.

This website came online on November 15, 2017 and is scheduled to be updated every week with at least a spiritual and an educational message; it is growing fast. The next milestone is to convert the site into a bilingual (English/French) site beginning early next year; a project that is likely to take 3 months. We need volunteer translators to complete this milestone.

Thank you!