The Chapter Ordre des Martyrs

Ordre des Martyrs

We owe our conception to academic research and the experiences of our founders some of which are laymen in contrast. We are of Haitian origin and some of us barely know Haiti; while some of us have diversified interests and/or reside in Haiti. Our primary objective is to heal Haiti of the spiritual wounds that have been inflicted upon her from her early days of independence as the first established negroid republic of the New World, also known as the continent of America.

In the last 200+ years much of what has been written about Haiti has been skewed for the sake of larger objectives. Hence, the first negroid republic has been seriously damaged beyond repair due to a citizenry that has been fed irony that recurses into self degradation and neglect often reflected in political instability with deep social, economic, political, and spiritual impact. Throughout much of modern history the negroid race was first betrayed, then defeated, then reduced to the level of animal. This process started in Haiti where the New World began.

The historical significance of Haiti is the cause of her plight, for Haiti has served many, even those that turn a blind eye or even cooperate in her destruction. Haiti, via historical realities, is the symbol of martyrdom that most aware negroid beings recognize. The Negroid race is undergoing martyrdom although most of us are unaware of it, even though thousands of us are dying under abnormal conditions that mostly apply only to us. We have not a single negroid nation in our midst that can stand up to negroid ongoing extermination. This one tiny negroid nation, Haiti, once upon a time did stand up and change the course of this world in many ways.

If you are aware that you are a martyr, we welcome you to the home of the Martyrs. We offer sanctuary to those who wish to heal the wounds of martyrdom toward sovereignty. Martyrization begins with humans, believing they have power by virtue of some self attributed superiority, mistreating other human. The worst and most common form of martyrization is human trafficking that reached its highest peak during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. However human of all all racial types are subjected to human trafficking that we address in other articles. Most people ignore the possibility that they are martyred because they are under the illusion that they are exempt from such by virtue of self attributed superiority through indoctrination and the acceptance of others' subjugation via man made hierarchies. Those that accept to be subjugated by others deem it natural to subjugate others in turn and we call it law of the jungle.