To my parents
To my friends
To my Supporters
To my fans

I decide in this fateful moment to say thank you from the depth of my Heart. This date is henceforth a part of the history of my life; this Tuesday, June 19, 2012, the day of my arrest. I thank all those who fought to shorten my stay behind bars; even when their efforts could not help but spend 3 years 6 months and 3 days in prison. Know that your energies went through me despite the distances and strengthened my courage.

. Thank you for the trust you have had in me and that you still keep

. Thank you for the moving welcome you give me on every corner, especially in the Diaspora.

. Thank you to the young people who stay and remain proud of me

. Thank you to these women in prison whose sighs I shared

. Thank you to everyone who came from all walks of life to visit me behind bars

. Thanks to the circumstances that led me behind bars and allowed me to continue my mission to the prison.

The sufferings of prison cannot prevent me from continuing to testify Love.
I offer these 42 months of prison so that justice finally finds its place in our society.