Our Fundraising Store

Congregation Soeurs Redemptrices de Nazareth is a registered 501c3 charitable educational institution in the United States. We provide receipts for tax deductions purposes. You can donate here by clicking the Donate button . We would like to encourage you to consider our crowd funding set up which is fully equipped to handle donation transactions, track our progress, and issue our token of appreciation. We appreciate your support.
We hope you will visit our online store, for we receive a percentage of any purchase you make through the store.

We have items that are donated in support of our fund raising that we offer to you as gifts. We sell these donated items in our store that also carries items for sale of which we get a percentage of revenue.

For a $35.00-50.00 donation we will send you the track Dezire by Jazz Pyebwa -- This item is not sold anywhere and is available only through download.

For a $50.00-75.00 donation we will send you the track Baron by Jazz Pyebwa -- This item is not sold anywhere and is available only through download

For a $75.00-100.00 donation we will send you the tracks Baron and Dezire by Jazz Pyebwa -- These items are not sold anywhere and are available only through download.
For a $100.00-150.00 donation we will send you the album "Legba Suite" by Jazz Pyebwa -- This item is sold in our store (available for download as a gift option upon confirmation of your choice via email)
For a $150.00-200.00 donation we will send you an autographed copy of Mary Gaetjens' book: "Anse-à-Vodou: A Summer with My Father in Haiti" -- The book is out in January 2018
Unfortunately Dlo Dous is out of stock at this time.
We will automatically send you a donation gift based on the amount of your donation.

Non Monetary Donations

We are also accepting physical items such as school supplies, clothing, and household supplies. We are, however limited in the possibilities of transporting these donations to Haiti. In order for us to deal with the constraints we established the following guidelines:

  • We can only accept bulk donations of small items
  • We only accept new items for sanitation reason
  • We only have storage facilities for collections in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Soeur Dona wishes to thank the following individuals, families and associations, from the bottom of her heart on behalf of all the children who will benefit from their generous donations.

  • Louis Market Corporation – Miami, FL
  • Blessing Bargain, Inc. –
  • Mr. Alex St. Surin of Radio Mega – Miami, FL
  • Dixie Driving School – Miami, Fl
  • Chef Merlin Dormeus – Miami, FL
  • Mr. EZ – Queens, NY
  • Good Taste Restaurant
  • L’Auberge Restaurant – Miami, FL
  • Mr. René Zétrenne – Brooklyn, NY
  • Lindo Home Furniture – Brooklyn, NY
  • Vénus Restaurant – Brooklyn, NY
  • Immaculate Restaurant and Bakery – Brooklyn, NY
  • Le Bon Pain – Queens, NY
  • Mr. Dahout André, Héritier Papa Dessalines – Brooklyn, NY
  • Antoine Multi Services – Philadelphia, PA
  • Le Rosaire Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA
  • Jessie Musseau – Miami, FL
  • Jude Joseph of Radio Pa Nou – Brooklyn, NY
  • Radio Tele Boston – Boston, MA
  • Asselome Jean Charles of Unitransfer – Boston, MA
  • Bon Appétit Restaurant – Boston, MA

  • Unitransfer – New York
  • Association des Chauffeurs de Taxi – New Jersey
  • Cayard Bakery – Miami, FL
  • Mme George Salomon – Haiti
  • Me Jean Rémy David – Haiti
  • Me Gutchin Adrien – Haiti
  • Mr. Jude Deronceray – Miami, FL
  • Mr. Delius Joseph – Boston, MA
  • Reverend Père Miracles of Saint Angela Church – Boston, MA
  • Wenstyn Family – Germany
  • Sale Family – France
  • Mme Kettlene Charlemagne – Canada
  • Yvon Bélizaire of Sound Blue Hill – Boston, MA
  • Mr. Richard Sabbat – Brooklyn, NY
  • Professor Gary Pérodin
  • Polch Family – Philadelphia, PA
  • Bonny Family – Philadelphia, PA
  • St Amand Family – Canada
  • Reverend Père Roy – Germany
  • Steeves Gino Belance, ONIG Design, Brooklyn, NY

It has been brought to our attention that individuals are soliciting on behalf of Sister Dona, or Sœur Dona. We have not authorized such solicitations and have not received any contributions from such activities.

We do not authorize any individual or organization to solicit on behalf of Soeur Dona, Sister Dona, or Soeurs Redemptrices de Nazarareth, in person, by telephone, or any form of social media.
As a religious organization, we have churches collecting pledged donations; we list those churches below:

In Massachusetts: Reverend Père Miracles of Saint Angela Church – Boston, MA

Elsewhere we explain that we are at a crossroads where the natural and the synthetic meet. In Haitian mythology, kafou is an inter-dimensional doorway through which spiritual entities come and go; kafou means crossroads. Consistent with our fundraising theme, the musical cooperative Jazz Pyebwa recorded and donated to us the recording of the song Kafou.

The song Kafou was recorded by the band Jazz des Jeunes (big band instrumentation) in the 60s at a time when Haitian music was at a crossroads. Jazz des Jeunes ranted that Haitian music was being undermined by sloppy musicianship in this song ,"Kafou," with another song may be titled "voizin." The band tried its best to address that the rich musical tradition in Haiti was at risk. The story of the song Kafou is recounted in Gage Averill's volume "A day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey."

Jazz Pyebwa also recorded and donated to us a song called "Dezire" that was recorded in the early 70s by the group Bossa Combo one of the mini jazzes of of the mini jazz era in Haiti. This song was among very few tunes that used traditional rhythm after Jazz des Jeunes' rant. We guess that Bossa Combo showed their musicianship while proving Jazz des Jeunes' point. Only a handful of Haitian tunes may be said to have been recorded by Haitian pop bands that use traditional rhythm. The band Trio Select evolved gracefully with front man Coupe Cloue in the early 70s; they played a rhythm that can be heard in recordings of the 1930s.

The Jazz Pyebwa recordings of said songs are not available commercially and we offer them as downloads only.

Jazz Pyebwa is a cooperative of musicians conducting research in the rich Haitian musical tradition. Jazz Pyebwa's mainly focus is on the historical factors that stagnated the evolution of Haitian traditional music as main stream Haitian music. Jazz Pyebwa's research goes back to the early 1800s via the Haitians who settled in New Orleans whom descendants are known today as Creoles. Jazz Pyebwa applies the same techniques that were applied over the years by Creole musicians and their descendants from which came funk, zydeko, rock n' roll, and Jazz. Creole music has been on world stage since 1841 beginning with a fusion of Haitian music and classical; the composition is entitled "Bananiers" and it was based on "Grenadyé a Laso" which is the song of the Haitian revolutionary army that defeated France to free Haiti.
Jazz Pyebwa's first release entitled "Legba Suite" is also made available to help us raise funds. This release is a fusion of Haitian traditional songs accentuated with funk elements.