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The term “Out of Africa” dominates the current narrative of academic research resulting, of course, in the usual and expected pro and con crowds. What we focus on in this article is the recent history that created a black/white paradigm referring to two races of people that appear opposing each other in a manner that the white is the predator and the black is the prey. This ongoing scenario even blurs the fact that an entire race of human beings was virtually extinct on the American continent; yes the act of the same white that blessed them with civilization after death.

Let us consider the facts put forth by the late and deeply honored Dr Ivan van Sertina who passionately informed the world of the fate of the Negroid in Spain beginning January 1, 1492. On that date the long time negroid occupants of Granada, Spain were defeated by a Catholic Gothic army. This defeat marked the end of a 3 year war that began with a propaganda using race.

In context, the population of Granada was mixed, as was many part of the world, and mostly the norm as we uncover in the story of Saint Augustine who lived in Algeria and, questionably, strayed from this norm that involved his negroid partner and their mixed son whom he was ordered to abandon; this historical event took place around 380 AD. In Saint Augustine’s time this mentioned domestic arrangement was common.

Race was not an issue in Europe as most European populations were mixed until the above mentioned propaganda around 1489 that introduced the word Moor to signify black. The word “Moor” is now "a la mode" in many circles within negroid communities that sadly miss the history and its meaning because the word Moor was used as an insult to the Negroid in Spain. Furthermore the Moors are labeled Muslim when the historical evidence shows very little of such, but implied by their head scarfs.

Negroids of different circles seem to have worn head scarves. Negroid Christians who also got exterminated during the European Renaissance wore headscarves as evidenced by many old paintings that also feature the hoods seen on many historical religious drawings. Aboriginal Egyptians were not Muslim, they wore head scarves way before Jesus Christ or Mohammad.

See the different styles of head scarfs and hood in this painting


The Hebrews also wore head scarves, and many if not all, Moors in Granada may have been Hebraic rather than Muslim. This we think is a significant nuance. It is said that Granada, Spain was the last stronghold of negroid dominance in Europe. Granada was also the birthplace of the inquisition and other crusades that exterminated millions of negroid people as the European Renaissance was conceived and birthed. Most importantly the extermination of the negroids became the primary focus of the European Renaissance all the way to World War II onward.

The European Renaissance practiced the 1489 method of propaganda which remains the status quo of academic narrative with which we are flooded today. Such is the source of the “Out of Africa” narrative that is being parroted and we are not clear which of  the two scenarios apply. The first scenario is that all races came from Africans, or the second is all races came from Africa, but we will consider a third that all negroids came from Africa. We leave it to the reader to ruminate on these scenarios.

We cannot underestimate the question: where do the different human races come from? If the origin of races is not important, then why all the intentional confusion by deception since documents explaining such are available but heavily guarded from the time they were savagely acquired from those who were being exterminated in Europe, and simultaneously on the American continent.

The answer to this question seems fundamental in understanding what we read as history that germinates our mentality and impressions of each other. Those who are aware that we are all one are mentally beyond the material spectrum as they co-exist as harmoniously as possible, but they are few. Those lacking the awareness of this primordial principle also lack understanding of their own being as they denigrate themselves by denigrating others resulting in weak spiritual capacity as they become the matter that they are not; this established destructive norm is subtly recursive.

We  use similar obscure narrative when we,  implied descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, speak of ourselves on the American continent because we are unaware that Europe was primarily, until 500 years ago, a negroid continent that until 1492 was mostly shared by mixed race peoples. Because of this fact, all three major religions that affect Europe are all rooted in the negroid traditions through the Old Testament; we mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.



Based on this reality, we, Ordre des Martyrs, decide to engage in the study of “Europeans” which we think is key to understanding ourselves as Negroid and mixed race peoples. Our studies are open and we invite all to join and contribute to our journey to a Negroid Spiritual Rebirth. Join us in a pilgrimage to search for the truth and "the truth will set you free." Let's embark on this journey as one, for "We Are all One."

Our main goal is to help you discover that you are not matter but you are, by default, an eternal being via omnipotence and omnipresence. Such has been the message of all the messiahs, include the one we know as Jesus Christ,  who repeated what humans have known for 50,000 years; a primordial knowledge that is being removed from modern humans for the past 500 years. Our illusion, is being intensified with conveniences that promote matter over mind upon which our mentality is constantly creating an unnatural human hierarchy.

Human existence is currently based on matter over mind even when science openly promulgates the axiom "mind over matter," through the spirit of Albert Einstein, which we repeat often.  The trinity mind/body/spirit or body/soul/spirit implies that we are one third matter. In the absence of the mind/spirit or soul/spirit the body is said to be in vegetative state. Aboriginal cultures honor this most sacred trinity and focus on the two thirds (soul/spirit or mind/spirit) of the human mysterious trinity which is the manifestation of omnipresence and omnipotence.

In the modern world we, humans, are approaching the state of biological machines as we ignore two thirds of ourselves to drown into superstition. Let us study the latest 500 year old paradigm that promotes the human as a biological machine which we are not. Our modern scientific world recognizes this fact albeit shrouded in intellectual illusion in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

The intellectual illusion has nothing to offer the individual in terms of nourishing the other two thirds which is necessary for alignment of all three parts of the human architecture. Our theories cannot change this architecture, it is thus foolish to forego the natural in favor of superficial theories. Your spiritual alignment is your strength and your security; it is your responsibility to nourish all of yourselves: your spirits, your souls, and your bodies. It is also your responsibility to honor and respect your other selves for: We Are One.





We owe our conception to academic research and the experiences of our founders some of which are laymen in contrast. We are of Haitian origin and some of us barely know Haiti; while some of us have diversified interests and/or reside in Haiti. Our primary objective is to heal Haiti of the spiritual wounds that have been inflicted upon her from her early days of independence as the first established negroid republic of the New World, also known as the continent of America.

In the last 200+ years much of what has been written about Haiti has been skewed for the sake of larger objectives. Hence, the first negroid republic has been seriously damaged  beyond repair due to a citizenry that  has been fed irony that recurses into self degradation and neglect often reflected in political instability with deep social, economic, political, and spiritual impact. Throughout much of modern history the negroid race was first betrayed, then defeated, then reduced to the level of animal. This process started in Haiti where the New World began.

The historical significance of Haiti is the cause of her plight, for Haiti has served many, even those that turn a blind eye or even cooperate in her  destruction. Haiti, via historical realities, is the symbol of martyrdom that most aware negroid beings recognize. The Negroid race is undergoing martyrdom although most of us are unaware of it, even though thousands of us are dying under abnormal conditions that mostly apply only to us. We have not a single negroid nation in our midst that can stand up to negroid ongoing extermination. This one tiny negroid nation, Haiti, once upon a time did stand up and change the course of this world in many ways.


If you are aware that you are a martyr, we welcome you to the home of the Martyrs. We offer sanctuary to those who wish to heal the wounds of martyrdom toward sovereignty. Martyrization begins with humans, believing they have power by virtue of some self attributed superiority, mistreating other human. The worst and most common form of martyrization is human trafficking that reached its highest peak during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. However human of all all racial types are subjected to human trafficking that we address in other articles. Most people ignore the possibility that they are martyred because they are under the illusion that they are exempt from such by virtue of self attributed superiority through indoctrination and the acceptance of others' subjugation via man made hierarchies. Those that accept to be subjugated by others deem it natural to subjugate others in turn and we call it law of the jungle.


We were founded via academic research in the fall of 2016 and inaugurated on August 22, 2017. Our inauguration date coincides with the anniversary of the "Bwa Cayman" event dated back to the year 1791 in the north of Haiti. Our inauguration included anointment of the "Soeurs Redemtrices de Nazareth" of which we became a chapter.  Our motivation is to study and understand the fundamentals of race relations in which the negroid has been victimized, purposely mischaracterized,  and denigrated to the bestial level. Our studies begin with the Haitian spiritual tradition which uniquely contains many African traditions but was founded upon the Hebraic tradition.

We are diligently pursuing the clarification of the glorious history of the Negroid that has been reduced to mockery, for the sake of deceit, by those who mostly benefited from its generosity. Of the multitude misrepresentations we can exemplify with the following nonsensical, added emphasis, statement: "La race noire qui succéda à la race rouge australe dans la domination du monde, fit de la haute Egypt son principal sanctuaire. Le nom d’Hermès-Thoth, ce mystérieux et premier initiateur de l’Egypte aux doctrines sacrées, se rapporte sans doute à un premier et pacifique mélange de la race blanche et de la race noire, dans les régions de l’Ethiopie longtemps avant l’époque aryenne. -- Edouard Schuré, “Les grands Initiés, 61eme Edition” 1921.

The Hebraic tradition was taught to the Greeks and is the source of Greek Philosophy. The Greeks later betrayed their Hebrew benefactors during the Greco Roman period that was followed by the Judeo Christian period that incubated racism, spiritual deception, and the ongoing genocide of the Hebraic peoples that resulted in the extermination of the Hebrew people and its language. The Hebraic tradition is the source of the old testament in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The Hebraic tradition flourished in Europe until the inquisition that exterminated the negroid in Spain and other parts of Europe from 1492 onward.


Before 1492
A Moment of Negroid Opulence in Europe Before 1492

The Hebraic tradition is a known application of Hermetic philosophy that originated in Egypt more than 50,000 years ago. Many (if not all) traditions are based on Hermetic philosophy which the negroid propagated on all continents of this planet. Regrettably, the negroid, was betrayed prior to the rise of the Byzantine empire at which time the martyrdom of all negroid beings began and is ongoing after 1500 years.

The remnant knowledge of the negroid Hebraic tradition was transported to Haiti, and it evolved as "Voudo" that became Voudou, Vodou, Voodoo, and Vodun. The essential hebraic and Hermetic antiquities have been extended by integration of various traditions transported to Haiti by negroid from different African nations throughout the acclaimed "Transatlantic Slave Trade;" thus is now the structure of Vodou.

This extension is commonly known in Haiti as the 21 nations or "21 nachons"; it began after the year 1625. The essential Hebraic tradition is the core of Haitian tradition that has been lost in other places due to the various genocidal events that occurred prior to and throughout the European Renaissance that seems to indicate the objective of the eradication the black race. An objective being pursued to date as demonstrated by well concealed current deceptive, aggressive, and heavily taxing events.

All members of the negroid race are martyred everyday by various ways and means as we depend on, as we even replicate the behavior of, our self declared enemies for our basic needs for survival. Our cultivated ignorance results in our acquisition of the ways of the enemy, thus we become our own enemies mistreating our own kind to appeal to the " self declared enemies". The self declared enemies of the negroid are endowed with the innate (mis)understanding that they are entitled to all there is in the material world, This innate (mis)understanding is made to manifest through spiritual cunning.

In our search for the truth, we consider and study Eastern and Western Hermetic,  Esoteric and Mystical Philosophies to awaken Cosmic Consciousness and unfold Primordial Wisdom. Ordre des Martyrs seeks to raise the awareness of the most afflicted negroid to the least afflicted negroid as to reinforce the innate understanding of the negroid race that prompted the race's generosity with knowledge. This innate understanding, complemented by other non-refutable and primordial principles, is simply stated as:


We are One!

"When we express ourselves with words, thoughts or feelings, we are under the impression that it is our mind and intellect that generate our thinking. It is true that we do have "thoughts" and use our "intellect" projecting around us "thought-forms" and psychic expressions of all kinds...

 But, all of these are passing illusions and realities, projections of our ego desires and wishes."

Dr John


Humanity is now at a cross roads where science is openly converging with spirituality after a religious influence on dominant Western society that spans more than five centuries. The field of medicine is also converging with spirituality as is evidenced by the emergence of holistic medicine that is appealing to many people for many reasons. These convergences can be interpreted as validation of the axiom “mind over matter.” This axiom when applied to wellness can be deduced as “mind has the potential to heal the body” and such has been the case for thousands of years in aboriginal cultures throughout the world. These aboriginal cultures have their foundation in shamanism.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the practice of shamans. The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia and originally meant “master of fire,” “master of spirit,” and “one who sees in the dark” and, additionally, healer. The term shamanism is used as a generic western term but each region has a name for shamanism respective to the spoken language. In Haiti the practice of shamanism is termed “Vodou” and the shaman is called Hougan. Vodou is an initiatory tradition, thus bestows grades to hougans. Vodou was brought to New Orleans and its remnant is known today as a subset called “Voodoo.”

Voodoo and Healing

For reasons beyond our context, Voodoo came to New Orleans by way of Haitians who fled Haiti between the years 1791 and 1811; they were known as “free blacks.” In New Orleans, free blacks were restricted to an area called Congo Square where New Orleans slaves were allowed to come on Sunday afternoons, thus congregating with these free blacks. These Sunday afternoon Congo Square gatherings turned into Voodoo ceremonies for the purpose of healing savagely abused plantation slaves.

The ceremonies commonly seen in Haiti today are different than the Congo Square ceremonies. In Haiti, the audience watches the “dances;” Vodou ceremonies are called dances in Haitian parlance. Conversely, in Congo Square, the audience participated in the ceremony hence absorbed healing energies that were dispersed by the shaman who was called “doctor.” Haitian shamans can disperse energy (spirit) for group healing or direct energy for individual healing. Additionally, slaves who were afflicted by extreme beating were treated with directed energy. These events in Congo square earned Voodoo its reputation for healing and for this reason Voodoo is equally practiced by those of African and European descents in New Orleans to date.

The indisputable results of the Congo Square gatherings were due to spiritual alignment that caused the afflicted human spirit to overcome the constant extreme and painful physical and mental abuses. The unnatural order of the world that inflicted these abuses is also responsible for much of the modern mental and physical illnesses known to Western Society today. Although it is propagated that human life span is greatly enhanced by the advance of modern medicine and its pharmaceutical counterpart, dissatisfaction in health care causes people to consider alternatives in the shamanic world to heal mental and physical conditions often related to, or caused by subtle and pronounced traumatic experiences.

Of such conditions is the impediment in learning that is becoming epidemic under many known terms such as, attention disorders and depression related illnesses that are treated by drugs that produce more illnesses known as side effects, allergies, and adverse reactions. We (Ordre des Martyrs) reason that if slaves in New Orleans exposed to unspeakable atrocities could be healed with spiritual alignment, then the same could be applied to other conditions. This reasoning is our motivation in developing the method we call “Bamboula Therapy” to heal conditions that are caused by subtle or pronounced traumas or environmental factors. Learning difficulties are often rooted in traumatic subtle experiences and environmental factors causing a lack of interest that drains the intention that causes weak will. The resulting "drained intention" and "weak will" are insufficient to energize the mind which is necessary for learning.The preceding is our basis in approaching the foundation upon which Bamboula Therapy rests. The procedure is a reenactment of the Congo Square scene using  recorded music and a trained shaman with appropriate shamanic tools. The results, thus far, are encouraging as we continue to refine the process.


We recommend reading the article "Ordre des Martyrs"  on this page, beofore reading this article about music

We need to emphasize that negroid accomplishments are the oldest in the world and are the foundation for modern civilizations. Music being the most ancient of accomplishments known to man does not escape this generality. Plato testified to that statement according to Fludd's De Musica Mundana: "Plato, in describing the antiquity of these arts among the Egyptians, declared that songs and poetry had existed in Egypt for at least ten thousand years, and that these were of such an exalted and inspiring nature that only gods or godlike men could have composed them. Below, we add a published background summary of Pythagoras, the father of Western music:

"Although it is said that he himself was not a musician, Pythagoras is now generally credited with the discovery of the diatonic scale. Having first learned the divine theory of music from the priests of the various Mysteries into which he had been accepted, Pythagoras pondered for several years upon the laws governing consonance and dissonance. How he actually solved the problem is unknown, but the following explanation has been invented." Please go to the link and read the article to uncover the invention.

Source: Stanley's The History of Philosophy in The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color:

In the "Ordre des Martyrs" article we stipulate on the Hebraic nature of Haiti's spiritual tradition and its Egyptian source. Haitian spiritual tradition rests on two apparent pillars, found in Hermetic that defines vibration and rhythm which are the primary elements of music. This music is mistakenly attributed to Africans transported to Haiti after 1625 although such proof is marginal. Given the complexity of the tradition's practices that involved the Amerindian, such is unlikely the deed of plantation slaves. The lyrics of the traditional music of Haiti mainly echo one of the first statements found in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Hermes) where we find:

"Then beware, O men of KHEM (The true name of Egypt),
if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching,
for I shall cast ye down from your high estate
into the darkness of the caves from whence ye came.

Betray not my secrets
to the men of the North
or the men of the South
lest my curse fall upon ye.

Remember and heed my words,
for surely will I return again
and require of thee that which ye guard.
Aye, even from beyond time and
from beyond death will I return,
rewarding or punishing
as ye have requited your truest"

                     Jenn Danto des Gonaives

In the extensive repertoire of Haitian traditional music, the lyrics often speak of a betrayal that Haitians interpret as "chante pwen." In reality the stated betrayal is always in coded form or abstract language. We are analyzing the lyrics in the context of the emerald tablets and are convinced that this abstraction in the Haitian traditional songs are, most often, not referring to the Transatlantic slave trade. They, rather speak of a spiritual warfare that is indeed the state of affairs albeit unknown to most of the Haitian middle and upper classes.

The abstraction is philosophically oriented in antiquity. Keeping in mind that these songs are often composed by spirits (lwas), the meaning of these abstractions remain unknown to Haitians even the ones that are active in the spiritual tradition. The lyrics in those songs may be said to be mysteries that Haitians are charged to understand and live by. However, the music of Haiti (in Haiti) is shrouded in confusion of what constitutes civilized men and peasant men. The peasant men have a music that touch the world while the civilized men have a "musique des savants" that remains unknown to most, this writer included.

The music of Haiti landed in New Orleans after 1791 and has evolved to what is known as Creole music that includes Jazz, Funk, Zydeco, and Rock n' Roll. In Haiti, however, all those genres remained unknown. The same music that spawned all these genres in New Orleans (which is Voodoo music) was, and is, not played in Haiti in favor of French, Canadian, Latin American, South American music. Strange as it may seem, even Reggae and Calypso from neighboring islands were also omitted on the airwaves.


        A Typical 50s Haitian Metropolitan Scene

The cosmopolitan Haitian maintains a prejudicial attitude toward the music that has touched the world beginning with the acclaimed classical composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) and later with the descendants that comprised an army of Creole musicians from which Jazz was born. The Creole music of New Orleans never reached Haiti because radio stations promoted all sorts of music from Europe, Mexico and other South and Latin American countries; the relationship of the New Orleans Creole was not only ignored but the worldwide explosion of the music has also been suppressed in Haiti.

The music of Cuba dominated cosmopolitan Haiti from the 1940s and on. The Cubans are always open about the influence of Haitians in their culture and music which the upper class Haitian either ignored or did not understand. Haiti's traditional music is better supported in Cuba than in Haiti to this date. The Haitian descendants in Cuba still maintain their cultural tradition and language with support of Cubans and the Cuban government to this date.

In the last two years we have reached out to the Haitian music sector for the purpose of considering ways to support and preserve the rich historically important Haitian folk song repertoire. Our experience and the resulting zero support is nothing short of shock. The deep prejudice of the non peasant classes usually surfaces as the first response from those we approach and surprisingly that include academicians and musicians alike. Our effort is better received by the peasant class with which we are cooperating to structure a nurturing environment to encourage evolution of the rich peasant repertoire. Music is a primary interest of the "Ordre des Martyrs" to help us appreciate and preserve this world known treasure so summarized below:

"Mieux qu’un conservatoire national, Haïti est un conservatoire international qu’une terrible instabilité politique et hostilité des grandes puissances a longtemps coupé du reste du monde. Lorsque les premiers chercheurs étrangers y sont allés, ils ont découvert avec effarement des musiques qui avaient peu changé depuis l’époque de l’esclavage, une invraisemblable profusion de rythmes qui venaient de toute l’Afrique.

La nouvelle compilation de Frémeaux & Associés reconstitue la quête de ces aventuriers de l’enregistrement, d’Alan Lomax (hélas mal équipé lors de son voyage de 1937) au journaliste Maurice Bitter, en passant par le producteur américain Jac Holzman, qui aura plus de succès par la suite avec les Doors. Les notes de pochette de Bruno Blum sont, comme toujours, d’une érudition démente. Et les enregistrements eux-mêmes, bien qu’imprécis, ont parfois une telle force que l’on comprend soudain ce que le mot « transe »signifie".
Par François MAUGER – TRAD MAG