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Self-taught artist Frantz Louis was born and raised in Haiti and immigrated to the United States in 1985. He is the first of his mother’s three children. His mother is his greatest influence. Louis has more than twenty years’ experience  drawing.

His colorful style reflects his native land. His approach to drawing is varied and reflects his feelings at the moment. Louis’ work is influenced both by personal and social experiences. Most of his portraits focus on the expression of the eye and allow you to tell the story of what you are seeing.


He favors bright, vivid and vibrant colors in his work.
For the past fifteen (15) years he has experimented with the use of computer applications.
So far he has not stopped. He studied photography at QCC (Queensborough Community College) in order to better his skills and talent that is showing in the work we are viewing today.

His talent demonstrates his artistic ability to all who want to entertain their curiosity.
It is evident there are beautiful artworks that are being created through computer designs which deserve credits. Based on that notion of this modern imagined-reality, we therefore think that Louis’ art work currently deserves a place in the art world.

Welcome to the "Zobop" exhibition

Zobop is a segment of Haitian mythology, it is perhaps the most speculated on mythological group of the Haitian tradition. Zobop is a secret society that many myths are attributed to. In this exhibition I explore the speculations that I have been hearing since chilldhod about this secret society.