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The term “Out of Africa” dominates the current narrative of academic research resulting, of course, in the usual and expected pro and con crowds. What we focus on in this article is the recent history that created a black/white paradigm referring to two races of people that appear opposing each other in a manner that the white is the predator and the black is the prey. This ongoing scenario even blurs the fact that an entire race of human beings was virtually extinct on the American continent; yes the act of the same white that blessed them with civilization after death.

Let us consider the facts put forth by the late and deeply honored Dr Ivan van Sertina who passionately informed the world of the fate of the Negroid in Spain beginning January 1, 1492. On that date the long time negroid occupants of Granada, Spain were defeated by a Catholic Gothic army. This defeat marked the end of a 3 year war that began with a propaganda using race.

In context, the population of Granada was mixed, as was many part of the world, and mostly the norm as we uncover in the story of Saint Augustine who lived in Algeria and, questionably, strayed from this norm that involved his negroid partner and their mixed son whom he was ordered to abandon; this historical event took place around 380 AD. In Saint Augustine’s time this mentioned domestic arrangement was common.

Race was not an issue in Europe as most European populations were mixed until the above mentioned propaganda around 1489 that introduced the word Moor to signify black. The word “Moor” is now "a la mode" in many circles within negroid communities that sadly miss the history and its meaning because the word Moor was used as an insult to the Negroid in Spain. Furthermore the Moors are labeled Muslim when the historical evidence shows very little of such, but implied by their head scarfs.

Negroids of different circles seem to have worn head scarves. Negroid Christians who also got exterminated during the European Renaissance wore headscarves as evidenced by many old paintings that also feature the hoods seen on many historical religious drawings. Aboriginal Egyptians were not Muslim, they wore head scarves way before Jesus Christ or Mohammad.

See the different styles of head scarfs and hood in this painting


The Hebrews also wore head scarves, and many if not all, Moors in Granada may have been Hebraic rather than Muslim. This we think is a significant nuance. It is said that Granada, Spain was the last stronghold of negroid dominance in Europe. Granada was also the birthplace of the inquisition and other crusades that exterminated millions of negroid people as the European Renaissance was conceived and birthed. Most importantly the extermination of the negroids became the primary focus of the European Renaissance all the way to World War II onward.

The European Renaissance practiced the 1489 method of propaganda which remains the status quo of academic narrative with which we are flooded today. Such is the source of the “Out of Africa” narrative that is being parroted and we are not clear which of  the two scenarios apply. The first scenario is that all races came from Africans, or the second is all races came from Africa, but we will consider a third that all negroids came from Africa. We leave it to the reader to ruminate on these scenarios.

We cannot underestimate the question: where do the different human races come from? If the origin of races is not important, then why all the intentional confusion by deception since documents explaining such are available but heavily guarded from the time they were savagely acquired from those who were being exterminated in Europe, and simultaneously on the American continent.

The answer to this question seems fundamental in understanding what we read as history that germinates our mentality and impressions of each other. Those who are aware that we are all one are mentally beyond the material spectrum as they co-exist as harmoniously as possible, but they are few. Those lacking the awareness of this primordial principle also lack understanding of their own being as they denigrate themselves by denigrating others resulting in weak spiritual capacity as they become the matter that they are not; this established destructive norm is subtly recursive.

We  use similar obscure narrative when we,  implied descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, speak of ourselves on the American continent because we are unaware that Europe was primarily, until 500 years ago, a negroid continent that until 1492 was mostly shared by mixed race peoples. Because of this fact, all three major religions that affect Europe are all rooted in the negroid traditions through the Old Testament; we mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.



Based on this reality, we, Ordre des Martyrs, decide to engage in the study of “Europeans” which we think is key to understanding ourselves as Negroid and mixed race peoples. Our studies are open and we invite all to join and contribute to our journey to a Negroid Spiritual Rebirth. Join us in a pilgrimage to search for the truth and "the truth will set you free." Let's embark on this journey as one, for "We Are all One."

Our main goal is to help you discover that you are not matter but you are, by default, an eternal being via omnipotence and omnipresence. Such has been the message of all the messiahs, include the one we know as Jesus Christ,  who repeated what humans have known for 50,000 years; a primordial knowledge that is being removed from modern humans for the past 500 years. Our illusion, is being intensified with conveniences that promote matter over mind upon which our mentality is constantly creating an unnatural human hierarchy.

Human existence is currently based on matter over mind even when science openly promulgates the axiom "mind over matter," through the spirit of Albert Einstein, which we repeat often.  The trinity mind/body/spirit or body/soul/spirit implies that we are one third matter. In the absence of the mind/spirit or soul/spirit the body is said to be in vegetative state. Aboriginal cultures honor this most sacred trinity and focus on the two thirds (soul/spirit or mind/spirit) of the human mysterious trinity which is the manifestation of omnipresence and omnipotence.

In the modern world we, humans, are approaching the state of biological machines as we ignore two thirds of ourselves to drown into superstition. Let us study the latest 500 year old paradigm that promotes the human as a biological machine which we are not. Our modern scientific world recognizes this fact albeit shrouded in intellectual illusion in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

The intellectual illusion has nothing to offer the individual in terms of nourishing the other two thirds which is necessary for alignment of all three parts of the human architecture. Our theories cannot change this architecture, it is thus foolish to forego the natural in favor of superficial theories. Your spiritual alignment is your strength and your security; it is your responsibility to nourish all of yourselves: your spirits, your souls, and your bodies. It is also your responsibility to honor and respect your other selves for: We Are One.