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Egyptians, Negroid, Africans and Haitians

For the past 500 years, the world seems to have evolved into a state of war. In fact, much of what we learn, in the educational system, is based on a mentality of warfare which is justified by the behavior of purported conflicts of the Roman Empire beginning 1500 years ago. In this current era the truth is constantly being  molded to quench the thirst of warfare to the point where the most purported civilized nations carry out the most barbaric acts reducing the human race to that of cheap meat. In fact human life is less valued than cattle. The world is heavily influenced by the motto “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Make War.” Nationhood is defined by the ability to conduct war.

                           All or Nothing

Much of this warfare is based on a book called The Bible in which we find the Old Testament with a purported history of how God created the human species and then at some point favored a type of people over all others. These God’s favorite people authored the Old Testament but were the second mass casualty meaning genocide of said war, the first casualty is continuously victimized and it is called THE TRUTH. The authors of the Old Testament were called Hebrews and they are exterminated along with the language that the book was written in.


These exterminated Hebrews claimed they were held in Egypt as slaves until God delivered them and took them to a promised land called Israel. These Hebrews wrote such story while they were in Egypt under duress by the Greek invading army around 300 BC. These purported Egyptian slaves somehow neglected to mention how their labor was used to construct the most important artifacts in Egypt called the Pyramids.


 In fact, these purported slaves said nothing of the pyramids that are absent in their Old Testament narrative which has a coded reference to the Sphinx, understood only by esoteric initiates. Meanwhile, there are reports that Egypt did not allow slavery as we currently know it being applied to genocide by Arabs and Khazarians. The first victims of this practice were mostly Caucasian women from Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, et al, for the purpose implied by the image below. This activity continued well into the 1890s and even today based on current events that are reported around the world. The Catholic Church seems to take a great deal of interest in modern human trafficking which does not exempt "white" women as sex slaves; a practice that never ended from the days when the same church regulated slavery through such document as the "Code Noir;" indeed a sharp contrast to today's stated opposing view of the chruch. The Code Noir was "Read, posted and recorded at the sovereign council of the coast of Saint Domingue, kept at Petit Goave, 6 May 1687, Signed Moriceau."

         A Caucasian Female Slave

Enslavement was a very real possibility for anyone who traveled in the Mediterranean, or who lived along the shores in places like Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, and even as far north as England and Iceland,

These aforementioned Hebrews were very knowledgeable evidenced by the Old Testament, thus they were educated in Egypt where they were. Educated and knowledgeable slaves are unheard of in the Arab/Khazarian model of the Western world hence, what kind of slavery were the Hebrews facing? It turns out that some attributes given to the Sphinx match recent discoveries, but how could the educated knowledgeable Hebrews wrote nothing of the pyramids construction of which cannot be explained? If these Egyptians were able to construct things that we cannot explain (in our "advanced" world today) not using slaves then what did the Egyptians use these slaves for? Given that such slaves favorite of God never left Egypt to begin with, why are they exterminated? Why are they replaced by another group making claims that defy logic? We should ask why did the Egyptian language disappear? We are not in the position to answer such questions but we will delve into some key points of that history for the sake of teaching/learning and learning/teaching.

The story of Egypt being disseminated is based on a timeline of the Egyptian Pharaohs. However, new discoveries have proven that such timeline is inadequate resulting in a distinction between pre Pharaonic Egypt meaning before the time of the Pharaohs and the time of Pharaonic Egypt that is extensively narrated by, well paid, Egyptologists and is also skewed to follow the dictate of the Greek invasion of Egypt; so stated because even the name "Egypt" was adopted from the Greeks, but original documents speak of Khem pronounced Khemit as the name of that landmass. We are using the time line from the BBC of London which unsurprisingly does not cover pre-Pharaonic Egypt.

This chronology begins by stating that the Nile was settled circa 7000 BC. This statement is followed by another time stamp at 3000 BC that includes a date whence the pyramids were constructed.  The next timestamp is marked 669 BC emphasizing the beginning of the war period we mentioned earlier by an Assyrian conquest, followed by a Persian conquest in 525 BC, succeeded by the Greeks in 332 BC at which time our Old Testament was produced. Then finally in 642 AD, the Arabs conquered Egypt which results in today’s Egypt population.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Not Original Egyptian

 We can simply look at the populations of the American Continent, especially in North America where Amerindians are not seen, to imagine what happened and why Egypt lost its language.

Egypt is situated on the continent of Africa and there is speculation that this continent was called Ethiopia; this line of thought is based on the 7000 BC settlement of the Nile which we consider having weak evidence; in fact recent revelations backed up by hard to refute or un-refuted evidence point to the contrary. But in our context we are considering significant factors concerning Africa and the negroid population of the American Continent which is our primary interest.

Egypt is but one ancient civilization identified in ancient Africa, in fact recent discoveries in South Africa point to artifacts that are significant;y older than those of Egypt. There are  other civilizations around West Africa that are identified such as Ghana. In the context of the war mentality, these areas of Africa seem to have complied with the war narrative, in contrast to Egypt which was influential in North Africa and Europe but has no history of aggression as it was invaded many times and lost its original population and language.


The negroid peoples are said to be the first race of people on this planet. We have reservations on this because a prior human civilization that may have been much more advanced than the current one may have existed. This civilization was that of Atlantis and its driving race may have been what we know today as the Amerindian. The oldest reference is found in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth which may be the oldest document known by the public. The tablets speak of Atlantis as being the progenitor of the Egyptian civilization and accounts of the likes of Plato place this period thousands of years before 332 BC at which time the Greeks entered Egypt after trying for 5000 years. Given that Caucasian entered the world stage circa 2000 BC then who were the original Greeks who tried to enter Egypt 3000 years before this obvious transformation of Greece?

                 Race Rouge (Red Race)

Nevertheless this is purported in literature such as  "La race noire qui succéda à la race rouge australe dans la domination du monde, fit de la haute Egypt son principal sanctuaire. Le nom d’Hermès-Thoth, ce mystérieux et premier initiateur de l’Egypte aux doctrines sacrées, se rapporte sans doute à un premier et pacifique mélange de la race blanche et de la race noire, dans les régions de l’Ethiopie longtemps avant l’époque aryenne. -- Edouard Schuré, “Les grands Initiés, 61eme Edition1921

Ivan Van Sertina, Race Noire and non white

The late Dr Ivan Van Sertina reports that negroid and Amerindians co-existed before  the arrival of Columbus; there are other reports and unconfirmed artifacts (held in secret) in support of this. Notice in the above that white race is termed “aryenne” and we concur because white is not a skin color but an attitude that is found in all races of the human species. Frantz Fanon wrote extensively about this phenomenon which is likely worse now than it was when Fanon published the volume "Black Skin White Mask."

Julian Assange: Non White

A good example of a non white Caucasian is Julian Assange; we use the term Caucasian in this context as a generic identifier of current day Europeans. 

In addition to the American continent, the negroid also populated Europe as evidenced by inexplicable structures like Stonehenge; builders of which are said to be unknown. These builders are likely the ancestors of the population of Europe that was exterminated during the European Renaissance that was replaced by the aryan or caucasian etc...

Stonehenge: The Mysterious Megalithic Sacred Circle

The replacement is known as the European Renaissance beginning circa 1490, a period in which Europe is said to have been reborn from the dark ages. Well concealed is the fact that dark refers to skin color (moor, being currently misinterpreted). Recent publications are promulgating that 4,000 years ago (2000 BC) a group of people began to join the existing races of the human species and these people have yet to settle on their own definition. According to said publications, they originated from the Caucus Mountains.

Apparently. the “European” of today has many definitions of himself such as aryan, caucasian, jew, khazarian, white, etc. However the negroid is generally known as black or afican which are synonymous. It should be clear to the reader that, based on the above such is not true. The negroid of European and American Continents were not Africans but they were mentored by the North Africans, primarily Egyptians. Ironically, if we consider the "out of Africa" narrative, then the whole human species is African i.e. of African origin. Such statement would be far fetched from the realities of the world stage, although we are in agreement with the primordial principle stated as: "We Are One."

The negroid on the European continent did not destroy whites with whom they co-existed until Europe entered the white age from the dark age 500 years ago; in the dark age, negroid (dark) was prominent in Europe. The killing frenzy that went on during the European Renaissance targeted negroid and mixed race peoples. This continued and reached another peak during World War II and is now subtle and toxic considering that 53 out of 54 African countries having European armies operating on their soil.

North Africans were not Transatlantic Slave traders; their civilization and knowledge reached, and is the foundation of, Europe. They are the Christians and Hebrews who like their Egyptian mentors were students of life who tried to understand the universe as our studies show. While Europe was being transfigured from dark to white negroids from Europe was transported to Haiti in 1502 but it seems that the Spaniards had little success in keeping them as slaves. These escaped slaves were the ones that created Vodou in cooperation with the Tainos who were on their way to become extinct.

Africans and Haitians

Many ancient civilizations have been identified in Africa, but these civilizations seem to differ significantly from that of North Africa. Recent discoveries in South Africa reveal artifacts that may be millions of years old. With regards to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and European conquest, it would seem today that these civilizations left no trace in the intellectual, thus spiritual sense. It is obvious that the African countries that cooperated in the Transatlantic Slave Trade are on the west coast of Africa and south beginning with Cape Verde which is closest to Portugal all the way down south to Congo where many of the Haitian slave stock came from.

Considering that past civilizations did exist in that region in places like Ghana, how could so many countries became colonies? We think that spirituality plays a major role in this phenomenon. Philosophy as we know it has its origin in Egypt that propagated it to countries of North Africa that mentored negroid in Europe. The major players in this scenario are Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya, etc.... There are no trace of slaves coming to the Americas from these countries.

             West African Slave Traders

Countries southwest of these major players were the ones that cooperated in the slave trade and fed the greed of the white Europeans for a successful world dominance. These countries provided the slaves in complicit with their established kingdoms. Those kingdoms were later enslaved to this day and much primitive practices were attributed to them including human sacrifice which was also brought to Haiti. Negroid on the American Continent came from these places and never freed themselves just like their ancestral lands in Africa did not. This nuance is important to our context below, may be unpleasant to read, but true.

Haiti, received a large share of slaves from these countries from 1670 to 1804 or perhaps 1791. However, Haiti uncompromisingly freed itself and even impacted the world in many ways, one of which is its music, that is coupled with its spirituality. There are many stories regarding this fear of drums by European invaders; an apparent one is Cape Verde where the drums

Haitian Drums: Weapons of War and Peace

were banned. The reason for the ban was because the Spaniards were aware of the presence of the drums in the mountains of Haiti that they could not reach while the original negroid population they brought from Spain beginning in 1502 was growing. This population reached 40,000 because they were relentlessly freeing slaves brought to Haiti after 1625 from southwest Africa. These mountain settlers used their drums and sea conch shells as communication tools to protect themselves from European aggression; thus they were untouchable by European armies, so demonstrated by their victory that freed Haiti.

The spirituality of the original Hebrews and Christians that seeded European civilization is based on Hermetic Philosophy. Three principles of Hermetic Philosophy are the core of the Haitian tradition. The principle of vibration and rhythm are un-disputably present in the Haitian tradition and so is the principle of “The universe is Mind” upon which the Haitians drew the motto l’union fait la force. True after 500+ years (1502-2002+) the intellectual context has vanished but Hermetics remain the core of the tradition.

So, in Haiti today there are remnants of the exterminated Hebrews and Christians. This population is still identifiable by its spiritual practices. The population that came from the Atlantic Slave Traders is  identifiable via spiritual practices as well; this is stated differently in existing literature. This line is very thin but visible with the tendencies found in Haiti: that of peace and solidarity in one end as well as the extreme greed and disrespect for life at the other end. Let us conclude that King Henry Christophe of the latter stock, tipped the balance when he brought 20,000 people from those Slave Traders into the newly formed republic. Even with such powerful force concentrated in the North of the country about, one third of the landmass,  Christophe lost his dictatorial royal grips and. at the end, took his own life; but his son suffered a different fate in the hands of the masses while the rest of his family was shipped to England that was making a puppet of him from the time of his coronation that was presided by Europeans, specifically England.