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We are Ordre des Martyrs and we observe that "The Truth is the First Martyr."

We publish weekly analytical messages for the purpose of education.

For the first of our weekly educational messages, we offer you a correspondence to the public that was published by the "Nouveliste" which is a major newspaper in Haiti. This message was published in French and we offer an English translation below that explains the political angle of Sister Dona's imprisonment for 42 months. The modus operandi of "martyrdom cooperating third world governments" to imprison and, or, kill their citizens when ordered to do so is a complex matter of grave concern.

               Biological Killer Machine

We express this concern because democratic governments are supposed to be for the people and by the people but in reality these governments are agents of martyrdom committing unspeakable and unacceptable crimes against their populations. We observe that these governments lack the intellectual capacity to plan for their populations to be provided with the primordial necessities, but endow with the psychopathic capability to kill and to promote physical, psychological, and spiritual pain. The best example in Haiti was the  prominent evangelical character Luc Desir, a predator that recorded his torture sessions for his listening pleasure. The sound of his suffering prey was music to his ears.

                        Soeurs Redemptrices de Nazareth Kenskoff Campus

In Sister Dona's case, the Haitian government martyred all the destitute children that benefited from a simple generosity like a plate of hot food. The same government did nothing for these children to compensate for their loss of this basic necessity: a plate of hot food. Such is the blatant martyrization these governments practice that begs the questions: What is the meaning of the word people? Does it not mean human beings? Aren't the meek defined as human beings? Aren't human beings in the care of their government as purported by democratic principles? Aren't these governments for ALL the people by ALL the people? What is a political crime?

We will address the political crime question because we are committing such. These words that you are reading constitute political crime. These words are dangerous because they are revealing a reality that perpetrators think you should not know because you may discover that thugs in suits are just the same as the petty criminals they use for their deeds, may it be staging fake events, or torturing another whose crime is to think, or yet killing another of their rank which they call political opponents.

Unfortunately, in third world martyrdom cooperating governments, people are disposable and empathy is a crime, as demonstrated in sister Dona's imprisonment that deprived many children (1,000+) of the most basic human necessity: a plate of hot food. If governments cannot deliver such primordial human rights as a plate of food, then what is their purpose? 

Their purpose can be determined by their action on display here i.e. to impede the benevolence of the population to help others, thus ease the pain of martyrdom. In other words, these governments punish those that interfere with their acts of martyrization regardless of the inoffensive and passive modality; thus benevolence is a threat. It seems like the pain of martyrization feeds the being of members of these governments that are populated with the worst inhuman beings that the human species can produce.

In Sister Dona's story, it is clear that benevolence is a political crime while real crimes against their population, is a modus operandi of third world pseudo governments. Please read the anguished words of Sister Dona as she was feeling the pain of the children who were deprived of the benefits of her benevolence that, in turn, amplified her own pain inflicted by a criminal pseudo government that uses poverty as its most lucrative business.


Dear compatriots,
I do not want to be complicit in my silence, not denouncing the chronic drift within the judicial system of my country. Ladies and gentlemen, the scale that Justice represents is so inequitable at this moment that we see a reversion of more than two millennia, which brings us back to the time of King Herod pronouncing the judgment of the just. In the pleading against Jesus Christ, the fools preferred to liberate Barrabas and imprison the Righteous to finally crucify him.

Today, Sister Dona Bélizaire is a Barrabas. She is the criminal. And the kidnapper responsible for the crime has been released by government commissioner Rodriguez for reasons hitherto unknown; this, despite the confessions and evidence collected by the Kenscoff Peace Court. And now I am incarcerated in the civil prison of Pétion-Ville, accused of an abduction that cannot be imputed to me; maybe God wanted me to experience prison so that I could continue to face my helpless neighbor, without a lawyer, languishing in miserable cells.
Our judges have forgotten their sacrosanct mission, that of judging their fellow citizens with equity so that the scale quoted above is balanced and that the Haitian nation is elevated. "Justice raises a nation and injustice is the shame of a people."

Allow me, dear compatriots, by this, to expose the causes of my incarceration to the civil prison of Pétion-Ville since June 21, 2012.
 In June 2011, more precisely on the 5th, a child named Raphaël Chenet was abducted by a former employee of my orphanage, which I have been managing for 23 years.  After investigation by the Kenscoff Peace Court and the police of this commune, and after several hearings, three suspects were arrested. Two of them were released who were not involved in the kidnapping of the minor. I understand very well that Judge Jean Frantz Ducasse, a magistrate competent in the matter, recognizes that the criminal law is of strict interpretation and that the criminal responsibility is personal. The third suspect was sent to the prosecution, evidence to support. As soon as he arrived at the prosecutor]s office, he was released and, what is worse, the file was sent to the investigating office without anyone in detention and even the accused cell phone, which contained short message service (sms) proving his guilt, was not sent there. . Today, I pay the price for others’ misdeed, incarcerated for more than three months in an inhuman situation in the civil prison of Pétion-Ville, where human rights are violated.

 I would like to take this opportunity to call the attention of the Bar Association of Port-au- Prince, the Ministry of Justice, RNDDH, Justice and Peace and all other institutions that protect human rights of man to the injustices that were bestowed upon me. Daniel 3 verse 17: "Behold, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king.

 Sister Dona Bélizaire