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The Benin Scenario

We begin this synthesis with the words of the Ivory Coast singer “Alpha Blondy” who in one of his songs stated, with supporting details in the lyrics, that “Les ennemis de l’Afrique se sont les Africains.” The lyrics also mention many conflicts with which we sympathize especially with the people of Sierra Leone that were severely afflicted by a civil war from 1991 to 2002 when they slaughtered each other in compliance with the expectations of European sponsors. Translated in English, Alpha Blondy sings that "The enemies of Africa are Africans" which other wise negroid has known and of such is the brave, determined, and capable Haitian people.

                Les ennemis de l’Afrique se sont les Africains

We, the negroid of the Americas, are descendants of people that were sold by African kingdoms during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. These African kingdoms synonymous to "Transatlantic slave traders" were themselves colonized by their colonial superiors when Haiti basically put an end to such trade beginning in 1804 with an uncompromising declaration of independence. These African monarchs of betrayal reputation were recently in the 1960s  granted “freedom” by their European owners still controlling them today. Wonder no more about why African countries are poor and negroid vulnerable. Meanwhile, in the Western world, Haiti fought and defeated its European colonizer and establish the first Negroid State in the Western hemisphere at a cost Haitians are still paying today. Haitians went on to help other countries at its own detriment.

Haitians even went to Africa to assist African countries by providing precious human resources in education and medicine because the aforementioned monarchs also plunged Africa into the dark continent defined by their European superiors while Europe claimed it was coming out of such darkness which was a European Renaissance (1480 and on); awaken people think that this renaissance is ongoing and is also the greatest threat to humanity that is struggling for the primordial element called "WATER." After these African monarchs were christened into the dark continent that Africa became, Haitians had to help shine the light of Western civilization upon them.

Haitians, in fact, were helping African countries that historically sold Haitian ancestors into slavery in contrast to the well known Haitian proverb “depi lan Ginen neg ap trahi neg” meaning that “the negroid was betrayed from Guinea.” Ironically, Haitians were freed 150 years before those same West African countries (represented in Haiti by the generic word

In Memory of Alexandre Petion and Simon Bolivar

“Guinin”) were granted independence by the European masters. Haitians were informed with unchallenged published material, since 1917, that Vodou is not from West Africa; please visit the article “Ordre de Martyrs: Historical Perspectives” for a summary. Haitians have been harassed since the time of Haitian King Henry Christophe (1806) over the spiritual practice known as “Vodou,” such harassment is ongoing with the latest agenda (evangelization) being  carried out by an army of relentless protestant ministries repeating the same program that was done by "Christian" missionaries in Africa.

This harassment always targets the Haitian peasant because it is been known that prominent Haitians including head of state, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and the clergy are closet hypocritical Vodou  practitioners which should, but does not, simply mean that they follow the spiritual way of life. Vodou was declared a religion in the 1980s immediately followed by a subtle dictate for Haiti to cooperate with the African country known today as Republic of Benin established in 1990. Benin was previously the country of Dahomey that was notorious for selling negroid into slavery.

It is said that Dahomey established a kingdom around the year 1200 AD, roughly 800 years ago. Said kingdom, later acquired firearms, that they used against other negroid as they became indispensably involved in the Transatlantic slave trade that brought the African slaves to Haiti after 1625. Ironically, Dahomey was colonized perhaps with the blessings and complicity of its surviving kingdom specialized in selling its own people.


Summary of the Practices of the Kingdom of Dahomey, Renamed Republic of Benin in 1990

 In the year 2,000 the Benin government conducted a diplomatic campaign apologizing for its major role in the Transatlantic slave trade. In 2017 one of Benin’s monarchs made his way to Haiti proclaiming to be the “King” or supreme leader, or pope of Vodou to whom the Haitian government and Haitian press rolled a red carpet. Accompanied by his entourage, this monarch was granted television

The Voodoo Pope During his Switzerland Sponsored Tour of Haiti 

time to explain his claims to Haitian Vodouist subjects who were most willing to answer their call to serfdom. During a televised interview, this king proudly stated that he was sent by his Switzerland masters who paid for the trip and undoubtedly him too. Our Vodou monarch was probably not informed that since 1917 a conscientious Haitian (we still have some in our midst) documented that Vodou did not originate from his kingdom which nullifies his presence and claim. The martyrs of Haiti ask the question: What interests would a non government entity in Switzerland (the richest European country) have in the spiritual affairs of Haiti (the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere) ? We should be grateful to our anonymous Swiss benefactor for such concern and blessing with the Vodou monarch.

Our African Vodou king could not pay for his trip to Haiti although the likes of him in Africa remain in the same frame of mind of bowing to their European masters from the days of the Transatlantic slave trade and it seems that today's Benin would repeat the same behavior based on the mindlessness displayed by the monarch called Oba (in native Benin language) and his ilk throughout Africa.

This Is Not a Rapper, It Is the Oba of Benin

Typically, people carrying the title Monarch in Africa shamelessly and arrogantly flaunt their extravagance that is easily translated to human abuse; Haiti had one such called King Henry Christophe who went as far as importing 20,000 Africans to man an army that technically oppressed Haitians who finally dethroned him in the same manner that Haitians defeated the European masters. Benin seems to be on top of the list with such Monarchy that begins with the one called” Oba of Benin.” This “Oba of Benin” was reportedly enjoying humiliating one of his own citizen in August, 2017. The citizen was an elderly chief of whatever tradition Benin follows in bestowing the title "chief."

             A Benin Investment in Infrastructure and its People

We note that extreme selfishness runs contrary to the core of the Haitian Vodou tradition that remains unknown to most as a result of the intended historical spiritual unsettling that continuously yields unintended consequences. Vodou is not about material extravagance, it is about spiritual growth from birth to death although rendered unapparent by the "wangatê" mentality that predominates Vodou. The "wangatê" mentality is the historical misuse of the spiritual knowledge that freed Haiti. This knowledge is misunderstood and promoted as magical powers to the detriment of all Haitians, predators and preys alike.

 The Oba of Benin  drives around in a $760,000 Roll Royce; this car seems to be treated like a God with gold plates that reads “Oba of Benin.” In retrospective, this Oba role was established in 1200, it cooperated in the Transatlantic slave trade, it was in turn colonized until 1958, and established a republic in 1990. This same country of 4.7 million people recently claimed that it cannot afford public education for its citizenry but has an “Oba” driving around in a 2016 $760,000 automobile that is treated like a God and the “Oba” is not even the president. Let us hope that our Vodou monarch does not transplant this mindlessness in Haiti to add insult to injury; we suspect that such may be blessed by his masters who sent him.

          In Benin They Worship a Car, Haitians Dance with Spirits

At least, the collaborators of martyrdom in Haiti are not blatantly displaying the material rewards that they exchange for martyring their own people; they are forced by the masses to be discreet; are they being prepared to adopt this African culture?  The Haitian masses are very well aware of their drug dealing human trafficking elite. They know that much more of the masses will be victimized by the international supporters that promote those well dressed, well paid leaders; the support has been well demonstrated since 1991. Noteworthy is one fear that many share and it is that Haitians were not granted freedom; they know how to take it; such has been demonstrated many times in history.

       What Haitian Leaders Are Afraid of but Not Wise to Avoid

There is one proverb that Haitians apply in their fight of spiritual warfare: "dwêt ou pou ou, li santi, ou pakab coupé li jété." This proverb means that Haitians tolerate nonsensical leadership because it is theirs, but they are intolerant of the international slave masters. This small little country has been at war with the most powerful countries on this planet since its existence 213 years ago. This war is at its peak at this point and we pray that Haiti does not plunge into civil war which seems like an apparent international objective displayed by subtle milestones that Haitian leaders care little about as they are likely being groomed to adopt the practices of African royalty that facilitated the Transatlantic slave trade. Such civil war is unlikely of a tribal nature but rather the Haitian government killing Haitians to protect foreign interests. We envision the usual narrative that Haitian masses are lawlessness savages deserving eradication as justification for foreign government to interfere and protect the leaders that are their properties using the United Nations institution that has created more wars and a non existence record of the peace it was chartered for.

These subtle milestones are apparent considering the leadership that they have snuck onto Haiti in the past 17 years. The Haitian educational system has been eroded and undermined with the baseless assessment that it was inadequate and was the root of the created problems Haiti has endured beginning with the cooperation of the "baby Doc" entourage in the late 1970s. Such is the source of the term "formation" being parroted by Haitians these days.The educational system of Haiti produced educators and doctors that serve other countries although those same products went on to betray Haiti.

                  Tales of Dark Age Europe Darkening Africa

These Haitian professionals we mentioned earlier helped shine the light of Western civilization onto their African ancestors who betrayed them but such professionals betrayed Haiti that educated them by parroting this agenda termed "formation."

The international community pushes this "formation" idea, and Haitian leaders are ignorantly being "formé" as insensitive unproductive bureaucrats proud of their record that validates Haiti as "basket case" that the international community likes to remind the world of.  Besides mindless materialistic worshiping and disrespect for life, we see nothing that Benin can offer to Haiti but we are mindful of Benin’s past and present that beg some questions and a corresponding suggestion with which we close.

What is this Oba trading in exchange for this $760,000 automobile? What is this Vodou monarch descendant of the African Transatlantic slave traders coming to Haiti for? What does he have to offer when his own country claims it cannot afford public education for its citizen? What value can we give an apology backed by contrary actions as we see in Benin? Can we even imagine that this royal mindlessness in Africa can conceive anything but slavery? The following picture answers these questions and we advise a very close look as it depicts the behavior of our leaders and some of them display such tendency arrogantly in public, masquerading as alphabet soup foreign owned ONGs. If you can stomach it, you can view a full blown version of this image with clearer details by clicking on these words. We share this with the full awareness that it makes us candidate for martyring because those leaders will do anything for things like a car and the appearance that they are WELL OFF! We are also aware of the sharp contrast that occurred in Granada Spain in 1492 but beyond the scope herein. In the past, West African monarchs traded their own for things like a mirror and they still do this in recent history demonstrated by the current betrayals in North Africa.

         What our black leaders Do for foreign sponsorship

On behalf of those that have been, and those that are being, martyred we offer a simple suggestion: let the record speak for itself. By criticizing we shall learn to identify and brake the recursive behaviors that we are tricked into continuing. Such is self education through which we may be able to achieve personal peace and collective sovereignty. We are not endowed with the power to forgive because forgiveness begins with the self. We cannot forget because we learn through history to avoid repeating history. We must be assertive in our quest for sovereignty!