Adopted Philosophy


Ordre des Martyrs seeks to understand wholly life through observation, study, and respect of nature. We honor all of life as did our ancestors who promulgated their understanding of wholly life through knowledge we know now as "philosophy."

These ancestors left their primordial knowledge of wholly life through philosophy of which the earliest known source is that of the Egyptian named Thoth whom the Greeks renamed and adopted as Hermes. The whole of Hermes literature is termed "hermetic philosophy." We consider music as our primary vehicle in our quest because music is a direct application of the cited primordial principles of "vibration" and "rhythm;" it transmits all sorts of information related to wholly life. Some say "music is life" and Duke Ellington said of rhythm: "it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing." Please see our article on music.

Hermetic philosophy is concerned with the understanding of nature, and is known to most as Universal Principles. Hence hermetic philosophy by virtue of it being universal includes dimensional partitioning that is the focus of Quantum Physics. Hermetic philosophy is the foundation of what we know as science and the arts. We find the excerpt below very revealing, although unsurprisingly skewed, but is motivating to those unfamiliar with the principles and the writings credited to Thoth/Hermes.