Sister Dona Welcomes You:

Sister Dona is a Catholic nun and the founder of "Congregation Sœurs Redemptrices de Nazareth" congregation which she has been presiding over for the past 28 years. The congregation embraces and respects the norms and traditions of the Haitian people as chartered by her Catholic mandate. She runs a facility in Kenskoff, Haiti which is situated a few miles from the capital Port-au-Prince. She also founded a school in Jacmel ... The facility in Kenskoff accommodates as many as 60 disadvantaged children. This campus, unique to Haiti, offers shelter, nutrition, medical care, and schooling to children who remain there until they are ready to stand on their on own feet. She was unjustifiably incarcerated in June 2012.

Response to Inquiries on

Sister Dona's Imprisonment

I received quite a few inquiries regarding my arrest and three and one half years imprisonment. I thank you all for your support and concerns. I partially resume my activities and improving from the damages incurred. I appreciate all the prayers sent to me and I send my blessings in return. I am repairing the damages sustained in three and one half years with my street collection method which I do everyday and for long hours.

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Fundraising Plans

List of Individual and Business Supporters

Soeur Dona wishes to thank the following individuals, families and associations, from the bottom of her heart on behalf of all the children who will benefit from their generous donations.